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Children’s Health – Autism – How Kidney Functions Affect Autism In TCM

Autism is defined as a medical condition of a child having some of the following impairments

a) Speech

b) Social and communication skills

c) Limited interest

d) Repetitive behaviour

These impairments are caused by the inability of the body organs to perform their functions, according to TCM. In this article, we will discuss how kidney functions affect autism.

Kidney essence (jing) is vital for fetus to develop properly. If the kidney prenatal essence is weak and deficient, the fetus is underdeveloped, leading to weakened constitution, internal weather and physical and mental retardation.

a) Kidney produces marrow to fill the brain that is important for the brain to perform its function of information garnering and intelligence reaction, person’s will and determination.

b) Kidney channel opens to the ears

Hearing disorder can be caused by kidney qi deficiency

c) It controls the hair growth

The slow depletion of kidney essence is associated with aging, we have less hair as we get older.

d) It is in charge of fluid metabolism

The kidney controls the bladder in holding and releasing fluid and the large and small intestines in separating pure from turbid.

e) Kidney influences function of the lung

As we mention from previous article, kidney moves the qi and fluid upward and the lung moves them downward to make a proper circulation. If the kidney is damaged or for what ever reasons, it can’t perform this functions, it causes lung qi stagnation and dampness accumulated in the lower part of the body, leading to middle burner stagnation.